Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is It Worth It? Wrote On December 31, 2008

is it worth all tha hurt, tha pain and all tha suffering...all for just one person
tha one person you put ya heart, ya body and soul all just for dat one person
is it worth puttin everything u wanna do, where u got to tha point where u thought u were killin yaself, just to make one person fukkin it worth it?
is it worth u tryin to keep a friendship tofukkingether, where tha other person is not givin a fukk, not showin no fukkin effort, not doin nuthin to keep it it fukkin worth it
all tha tears, tha hurt, tha sleepless just for one person, tha one person u can see yaself with
is all dat worth it? knowin dat its a million females out there in tha world, who prolly waitin on someone like you, maybe one of those females out there could treat u alot better, it worth it, just puttin them all to tha side, just for one person? so wat im tryin to say not wait for nuthin or nobody, do not do it, cuz its not worth it, if they are not gonna be there for you, not tryin to keep tha relationship together, tha friendship and u doin all u can do just to keep it together, dont do it...cuz its not worth it!!!

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