Monday, December 21, 2009

Pure Lust Part 3

so she turns around asking
"what are you doing"
he proceeds to postion her closer to him
saying "don't ask no more questions"
all she could is close her eyes and takes deep breaths
he opens her legs just a little, as her she arches her ass up into his stomach
he takes his two fingers and rubs them around her clit
and then puts them in her mouth, as she begins to sukk her juices off
he starts to massage her breast softly, he begins to whisper "you want me to stop"
she lets out a soft but loud moan and says "mmmm no keep going"
he grabs her waist, opens her legs just enough to inside of her
soon as he puts tha head in, she lets out a even louder moan
then proceeds to go all tha way in
he begins to penatrate, going in and out, hand full of hair
her eyes begin to roll in tha back of her head...
she begins to rub her own clit...
throwing tha pussy back...
tha pace begins to get fast...
faster, faster...
tha moans get louder...
tha skin clappin begins to get louder...
she lets out a strong loud moan...
they both climax...

they lay there to catch their breath
she goes in tha bathroom
wipes herself off and he does tha same
as he starts to put his clothes on she says "are you leaving"
he says "yes, i have business to take care off"
will i get to talk to you later today "she said with a attitude"
"i dont know yet" he said with agression
he gives her a kiss on tha cheek and shoots out tha door

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